Reliv Independent Distributor

When I was introduced to Reliv 16 years ago, I was an attorney managing a very busy law firm. I was stressed out, burned out and working 80-100 hours a week.  I thought they were going to bury me in that office. To top it off, my diet consisted of caffeine, nicotine and happy hour! One month on the products, I quit smoking, lost ten pounds and my skin looked beautiful!

My husband who had been practicing veterinary medicine for over 45 years suffered with painful joint issues, severe lack of sleep and energy and daily stress headaches.  He also got life-changing results and even started recommending Reliv nutrition in his practice.

Then we heard stories of many children getting help with behavioral and emotional issues.  That is when Reliv went from my head to my heart.  I knew I needed to share Reliv with the world and our business was born.  

I continued to work full time on my job but with the help of our support team, we started earning an income.  In three years, I resigned from the law firm to pursue a career as a Reliv distributor.  I have helped more people than I could ever help practicing law, now I can make a difference in the world and have the lifestyle to enjoy it!

When you change other people's lives, you change your own life!